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Terms & Conditions

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After your purchase the following polices apply, as outlined below.

We ask you to take a minute and read through them in order for us to provide you with the best service. Let us know of any questions or concerns.

Please note, if you have scheduled a private tour or any special accommodations with us, policies differ from the ones stated below, be sure to ask us what they are.

In most cases any special accommodations, private tours, or anything else that we schedule for you that is different from what we usually offer, requires at least 7 business days prior to cancel and in most cases deposit will not be refundable.

Cabo Surf Guide Policies:

We strive to provide you and your party with the best online purchase and the best excursion experience possible. Some external factors and unforseen circumstances might interrupt the service we provide. At such time we will make arrangements to either change your activities or provide you with a suitable compensation.

Please note that surfing is a weather conditions permitting sport, meaning that if there is no surf or too high of a surf on the day of your outing, it will be moved to another day, a credit will apply for a surfing excursion in the future, or we will issue a full refund.

We are also aware that sometimes certain external factors will happen on your part, which will prevent you from enjoying the scheduled activities.

Cancellation policy: We will cancel and refund in full the booked activity if you notify us no later than 48 hours prior the excursion. Change policy: We will change the date/time of your activity, upon availability, if you notify us no later than 24 hours prior the excursion. After the 24 hours: NO CHANGES and NO REFUNDS will apply.

For the security, safety and enjoyment, yours and other participants, we are entitled to refuse service in the event you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. If the instructor decides to refuse the service for any reason, NO REFUNDS will apply.

By making your purchase with you acknowledge that you understand and agree with the above stated policies. Be sure to let us know if you have any doubts.

The above policies are subject to change without notice at any time.

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